About Us


A lot of people wonder, what is DATING WITH BOUNCER, how does it work, why are we choosing this platform not Choosing BUMBLE EHarmony or Elite Singles. The other May Ask how does this platform can be unique than any other platform. The admin is here to answer every question and clarify why you should be on DATING WITH BOUNCE

DATING WITH BOUNCE was founded in 2015 and it rose into fame on FACEBOOK, and providing real connections on WhatsApp. A person is asked age Gender and Place. After that the next question will be, what type of relationship you want.

Because of honest and integrity DATING WITH BOUNCE Facebook page has more than 60 000 follower and More than 10 000 marriages accompanied by 2500 weddings.

How do DATING WITH BOUNCE differ from others

Since dating is your personal issue you don’t need to be public, you need to be private and confidential. Some dating platforms they interview you, exposing your weaknesses and sometime Your VIPS will see you. However on DATING WITH BOUNCE you come privately you upload photos you find a match and If You see that the one you are matching with is not your type you reject privately.

Why you should choose us?

  • We are private – May be your culture permits you to be public and tell everyone that you are desperate for love. In Zimbabwe it’s a taboo to go out live saying I am single. And we offer you a private life.
  • You can chat with the admin (+263 775 333 889) WhatsApp – You can ask the admin to match you privately without publishing you.
  • We are Free – That is when browsing online you get your match for free No additional costs.
  • We offer advice – If you choose a path of relationship we offer counselling and advice. We also give you guidelines on how to approach every situation.

How to get my match quickly

You need to create your account, during the process you are asked to upload your photos. We have set the system in such a way that if you complete your profile, you get opposite gender partners.

We also match by location that is if you are in Zimbabwe, We try to get a person near you. So that you quickly meet.

Benefits of Using Dating with Bounce

We have a promotion, if you invite people to the site you get some coins. Those coins will assist you to boast your profile. That is every user you invite may help you to become popular.

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If You have any Problem Please Write to Us On CONTACT US we will find a way to help you.